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*Kyassen is a dialect of Iwate Prefecture that means “welcome”

Two Donations for Children Affected By East Japan Disaster.

We wish to pray sincerely for the repose of souls of the deceased people and to express our deepest sympathies for those affected by the disaster as well.
We also hope that all people and communities will recover from the pains and sorrows as soon as possible, and advance toward future.

A large number of children have become victims of the disaster.
Among the children who survived, many children lost their parents, sisters, brothers and relatives, and are suffering from deep sorrows and pains.
Hence we hope that the funds will be utilized to support those children in ways to improve their living environment as well as to care their mental health.

Charity Exhibition of Bangladesh Children's Paintings.

Paintings of hope drawn by children in Narayanpur village in Bangladesh affected by the huge typhoon are exhibited.

Keyaki Net is holding an exhibition of paintings drawn by children in Bangladesh in collaboration with “Sakura Mohira Trading”, a support organization for victims of the Bangladesh disaster, in order to raise funds to support children affected by the East Japan disaster.
Children’s paintings will be presented in high definition images to those who have participated in the donation program, if so requested.

(1) Emergency direct support for children in Kesen Region

Support for the affected regions is being stranded and difficult situations still continue at the sites of disaster. In view of that Kesen region was introduced on this homepage before the disaster, we would like to ask for your emergency supports specific for Kesen Region.

(2) Request for supports from all over the world

We would also like to appeal for supports from people all over the world for all children affected by the disaster.

Guidance for donation

Sakura Mohila
Sakura Mohira Trading is an organization established with an objective to support 27 females among the poorest who lost elementary schools, lands, homes and husbands. Among others, building elementary schools is one of its activities.

What can we do?

Children drawing pictures cheerfully and joyfully with crayons donated.

Musical instrument called “Harmonium” and drum at a concert in a village school

Production site of fabrics that ladies work

Page to exhibition of children's paintings