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Two Fundraising Programs for Children Affected by the East Japan Disaster

--Keyakizuna Donations--

Keyakizana=Keyaki* (zelkova) + Kizuna (bond)
*Keyaki is the prefectural tree of Saitama Prefecture in Japan.

We, first of all, wish to express our deepest condolence to the victims of the huge quakes and tsunami that hit the east region of Japan on March 11,2011. We also wish to express our sympathies to those suffering from the disaster.

Support activities in collaboration with Bangladesh “Sakura Mohira Trading”

We are holding an online exhibition of paintings drawn by the children in Narayanpur village in Bangladesh affected by the destructive flood damage by the huge typhoon in November, 2007 to raise funds to support the children suffering from the disaster in the east region of Japan.

A large number of children have become victims of the disaster.
Many of the children who could survive lost their parents, sisters, brothers and relatives, and are suffering from deep sorrows and pains.
We hope that the funds will be utilized to support those children so as to improve their living environment and care their mental health as well.

Keyakizuna Donation (1) Support for children in Kesen Region
There was, on this website, a page introducing Rikuzen Takata City, Ohfunato City and Sumida Town as “Information Site of Wide Kesen Area”. Kesen was formerly called Kesen County. Except Sumida Town not affected by the disaster this time, two other cities had catastrophic damages. So, to express our deepest condolences, we have renewed the page for Kesen into the page of the support team that promotes early recovery and development of the community.
SOS signal from shcool.

SOS signal from school.(Photo by Kyodo News)

The Tsunami which mows down a grove of pine.

The grove of pine is Rikuzen Takata City.(Photo by Kyodo News)

We would like, herein, to ask you to contribute to the “Donation for Children” as an emergency direct support measure for Kesen region which is a part of Sanriku Coastal National Park.
Keyakizuna Donation (2) Support from all over the world for children
We also wish to ask people all over the world to donate funds for children affected by the disaster. So, we have prepared English pages hoping also that you will introduce our program to your friends via Facebook or other social media network.
Enter Keyakizuna Donations

Sakura Mohira Trading is an organization that sells silks hand-woven in Bangladesh to raise funds. Funds are used for building schools in Bangladesh.
At this site, paintings drawn by the children in Bangladesh and offered by Sakura Mohira Trading are exhibited. To those who have contributed to the donations, a painting of one’s choice will be presented via email.

“Hello, everyone in Japan!! We would like to send you our smiles.”

We received encouraging words from the people in Narayanpur village, Bangladesh, who are supporting the “KEYAKIZUNA DONATIONS”, for the people affected by the East Japan Disaster.

Ms. Yasue Hirama who helped us in receiving the message had initially planned to bring the message of the people in Narayanpur village, Bangladesh when she returns to Japan the end of April. But, as Narayanpur village is very inconvenient place, we only received the message by mail on the 15th of May after her return to Japan.

She kindly took the trouble to take pictures and translate the message into English, She asked some person capable of translating into English, considering that local language can't be understood by the people in Japan. She even travelled to the town by bus to send the message by mail.

There is no place where people can send mails in Narayanpur village. So, she went by bus to the place called Nobinogor where computer services are available, and sent the mail. It took as long as one month for the message to be delivered. That can’t be imagined in Japan. But, in that place, it is just a part of the ordinary life despite their efforts.

To all the people in Narayanpur village, Bangladesh:

---From the LLP KEYAKI NET in Japan---

We think that you have visited our homepage. We thank you for your wonderful message board. We are much heartened by your warm words of encouragement. We wish to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. We hope that you follow what your parents and teachers say, and brace yourself up.

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